Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation

The purpose of the Lecturer Performance Assessment by students, is to provide information for academic staffs, in order to make the right decisions on how to improve the teaching. This is a positive process and should be used to enhance staffs’ development and student learning.

The Department of Physics (DoP) has standard instruments from ITS to collect data from students about the response and evaluation of teaching and learning.

The instrument consists of two main topics, Lecture Evaluation and Lecturer Evaluation which are divided into four parts:

  • planning and preparation
  • Lecture delivery techniques
  • Assessment
  • Student-Lecturer Relations

Besides ratings and or surveys, written comments are also taken into account which provide further explanations such as work standards, quality, lecturers’ preparation, or even their personality.

Based on the survey results, the delivery of lecture material by lecturers has been done well. Moreover, the DoP-ITS always conduct evaluations and improvements to improve the quality of learning and student satisfaction.

In the Odd Semester of 2022/2023, we have engaged improvements in terms of learning and training (Applied Approach) by sending 8 young lecturers in August 2022.

The DoP-ITS also provides a subject group discussion forum for all lecturers on the preparation of course modules for the new 2023 curriculum for the Undergraduate Program.