In 2018, ITS has planned to target 1500 indexed international publications. In order to succeed in achieving this big target, LPPM ITS initiated a new program called P3I or the International Publication Acceleration Program offered to the ITS academics who have readiness both in¬† competence and experience to get Scopus Indexed International Journal Publication Special Incentives that MUST publish on in 2018. This program is expected to be a trigger for lecturers/researchers to compete in conducting indexed international publications both in domestic and foreign journals that are of high quality and have a reputation. The main objective of the launching of the International Publication Acceleration Program (P3I) in 2018 is to accelerate the realization of the vision and goal of ITS to become an internationally reputable university and one of the world’s most favorite universities, while the other objectives to be achieved from this program are:

  1. Growing more enthusiasm for conducting international publications.
  2. Growing a environmentally healthy competition to be the best (fastabikhul khoirot) in the international scientific publications.
  3. Improving the culture of research collaboration to produce quality outcomes in order to be able to penetrate world-class journals.
  4. Disseminate the results of research so that they can contribute more broadly to the community.
  5. Strengthening the goal of ITS to become part of a research university
  6. Reaffirming the role of laboratories as spearhead of qualified research to produce reputable international publications



  1. Guidelines of International Publication Acceleration Program