February 08, 2022 11:02

PDPM ITS and BAPPEDA Tuban: FGD Gini Ratio Index for Tuban Regency in 2019

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In the framework of planning equitable development policies, the Planning and Development Agency of Tuban Regency collaborated with PDPM ITS to compile an analysis of the Gini Ratio Index for Tuban Regency in 2019. The Gini Ratio Index can describe the level of income, so that it can be used as a reference for economic development planning in Tuban Regency.

According to the head of the ITS PDPM study center, Dr. Sutikno, M.Si, “Inequality in income can only be minimized and controlled by appropriate development programs. Therefore, this study is needed as an evaluation of economic development policies in the previous year and as a consideration for policy making in the coming year.”

The activity of compiling the Gini ratio index analysis in Tuban Regency in 2019 began with a literature study, secondary data collection, data analysis and preparation of income inequality reports for the population of Tuban Regency in 2019 as well as exposure of the results of the analysis through Focus Group Discussions (FGD) which was conducted online via Zoom because Covid-19 pandemic conditions

The presentation of the results through FGDs is carried out regularly, the preliminary report FGD was held on 8 May 2020, which discussed the development of the Gini index in 2018. The Second FGD was held on 4 June 2020, discussing the development of the Gini ratio index analysis in Tuban Regency for the last five (5) years ( 2014 – 2019). The final report FGD which took place on June 22, 2020 discussed conclusions and recommendations for the problem of income inequality in Tuban Regency in 2019

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