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IKA ITS and ITS Halal Study Center Train the Community to Make Hand Sanitizer

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Surabaya – Anticipating the prevention of the corona virus outbreak, the Central Board of the Alumni Association of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (PP IKA ITS) distributed hand sanitizers to the public. This activity targets the administrators of mosques, Islamic boarding schools and public facilities around the ITS campus.

The distribution was carried out after Friday prayers, at As Sa’adah Mosque, Jalan Arief Rahman Hakim, Keputih, Sukolilo, Surabaya, Friday (20/3/2020).

The distribution was led directly by Mujiaman Sukirno, Daily Chair of PP IKA ITS, to the administrators of mosques, Islamic boarding schools and managers of public facilities around the ITS Surabaya campus, in the Keputih and Gebang areas.

“This action is a form of active participation by IKA ITS as part of the community who are jointly taking action against the spread of the Covid-19 virus,” said IKA ITS Chairperson Sutopo Kristanto.

According to him, in the next division, IKA ITS will target other places and groups of community members.

In addition to distributing hand sanitizers, IKA ITS also conducted training on making hand sanitizers with 70 percent alcohol raw materials by cooperating with the ITS Halal Center.

“We help how to make hand sanitizers. We have also carried out socialization to the entire ITS alumni community who will actively participate in this Covid-19 outbreak care action. They also appeal to ITS Alumni who want to support this caring action, can send their donations via IKA ITS official account,” he added.

In addition to distributing and making hand sanitizers, IKA ITS will carry out sterilization activities for public infrastructure, provide disinfectants to communities vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19, provide training on how to make hand sanitizers for the needs of the community themselves.

“This effort will be expanded to all parts of Indonesia by involving the Regional Management and the ITS IKA Department Commissariat,” said Sutopo.

Previously, IKA ITS had issued an appeal to all ITS alumni to participate in fighting the spread of Covid-19. IKA ITS urges ITS alumni to carry out social distancing, maintain body immunity, and maintain personal hygiene, in accordance with government recommendations.

IKA ITS also fully supports the policy of the ITS Chancellor in preventing the spread of the corona virus (COVID – 19) in the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember campus in the form of delaying the ITS Graduation, emptying the campus environment, and temporarily taking lecture activities off by continuing lectures using the online (online) method.

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