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Real Work Lecture Registration – Community Empowerment (KKN-PM)

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In order to significantly improve student learning in the community according to the Independent Campus Independent Learning Program (MBKM), ITS DRPM herewith provides an opportunity for students within ITS to submit a proposal for the Student Community Service Program – Real Work Course – Community Empowerment (KKN-PM) with the following conditions:

  1. Participants are students in semester 4 and above who have not participated in KKN
  2. Submission of proposals through simple.its.ac.id is done through Field Supervisors (DPL)
  3. One team consists of 20-30 students who live in one districta
  4. The location of KKN is in a village in 1 sub-district
  5. One team is guided by 1 Field Supervisor (DPL)
  6. The maximum budget that can be submitted is 20 million rupiah per team
  7. The 2021 ITS Fund Community Service Guide is available at the link https://www.its.ac.id/drpm/beranda/kumpulan-file-unduhan-2/
  8. Submission of proposals is open until March 10, 2021 at 23.59 WIB

So that this information can be known and used by students, we ask that you please disseminate this information to students in your work unit.

Thus this letter, we thank you for your attention and cooperation.


1. Pendaftaran Kuliah Kerja Nyata – Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (KKN-PM)

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