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PDPM Popular Scientific Writing Training

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Saturday, October 16, 2021, the Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) ITS Surabaya held a popular scientific writing training webinar in the mass media. This webinar is held online. This webinar presents Mr. Rohman Budijanto, the senior editor of Jawa Pos. There were 39 participants from various circles. There are those from ITS lecturers, lecturer assistants, alumni and also final students.

The activity began with remarks from the Head of PDPM, Dr. Sutikno. Pak Sutikno said that the purpose of this webinar is to motivate lecturers and researchers to write about their community service activities in the mass media. Because at ITS there are a lot of lecturer activities in research and community service. In this information age, research and community service must be delivered to the community. One of them is by making popular writings in the mass media.

Popular scientific writing training webinar participants

Pak Rohman Budijanto said that writing in journalism is different from journals. One relates to society, the other academically elitist. Writing an opinion piece in the mass media doesn’t even pay to pay. In contrast to placing ads that have to pay. The benefits of writing popular opinions include: self-actualization; name investment; charitable ideas and solutions; provide new information and tie knowledge with writing. Writing popular opinions in the mass media is self-study and self-testing. Writing in mass media to convince audiences with scientific standards and logical narratives. Convincing information to the public and explaining information to the public.

Mr. Rohman Budijanto delivered the material


Some tips that can be used when writing popular opinions in the mass media are: warm and actual. Write an opinion based on the actual development information. Writing should not be cliché. Don’t repeat what’s already there. The novelty awaited by the community. Writing must be systematic, there is an outline, main idea per paragraph. Outlines make writers not forget important details.

After Mr. Rohman’s material was finished, the event continued with discussions and questions and answers. Mr. Satyaman DKV ITS asked a question. Everyday we design. Sometimes designers are required to write and publish what is made. How to write designs that we make without bragging? Sometimes we have to rewrite things that are not updated. How do you keep the writings as enjoyable as the warm and new food menus?

Popular scientific writing training webinar material

Mr. Rohman gave an answer. Actually, at Jawa Pos on Sunday, there was a topic about design. It can also be seen there and if you want to load it, you can also post it on Jawa Pos. Writing design opinions, can collaborate with friends who are good at writing. Find the good editor and friendly writer. Some examples of topics are discussing things that are not updated, reviewing the ten November building, looking for the right moment, so that things that are not updated become actual again.


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