February 07, 2022 17:02

PDPM ITS: Mojokerto City Social Virtue Index in 2020 Categorized as Good

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PDPM ITS is again trusted to be part of the study of development issues in Indonesia. This time the cooperation partner is the Mojokerto city government. On December 15, 2020, PDPM ITS left for Mojokerto to participate in the Focus Group Discussion on the Mojokerto City Social Virtue Index 2020. FGD participants were the local city government, Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) and ITS PDPM. PDPM was represented by Mr. Darso, as deputy head of PDPM ITS, Mr. Imam Safawi and Mr. Zainul Muhibbin, as ITS PDPM experts. The discussion went quite well and effectively and still implemented health protocols.

The study of the Mojokerto City Social Virtue Index has been carried out since November 2020. The implementation stages of this study begin with a literature review of the IKS calculation, preparation of survey instruments, primary and secondary data collection, data processing and analysis, then report preparation and FGD. The results of the study show that the Mojokerto City Social Virtue Index in 2020 is almost the same as the previous year and can be categorized as good. This means that the level of social piety of the people of Mojokerto is good.

As an evaluation material and for the sustainability of policies in the field of social piety, PDPM provides recommendations for the Mojokerto city government, including the need to further improve programs for socialization and training so that the community is involved in the development of democracy in Mojokerto City. In addition, efforts are also needed to increase a sense of social awareness in the community, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Social care is one aspect that can improve the welfare of the residents of Mojokerto City

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