February 07, 2022 16:02

PDPM ITS in collaboration with Bappeda Tuban in the Preparation of Macro Indicators 2021: Kick off meeting

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On January 22, 2021, PDPM ITS made initial coordination with the Planning and Regional Development Agency of Tuban Regency to discuss the activities of compiling macro performance indicators in Tuban Regency in 2021. The coordination meeting was held online via zoom. This discussion was attended by the head and deputy head of the ITS PDPM Study Center, Dr. Sutikno, M.Si and Mr. Dr. Soedarso, M. Hum. Meanwhile, Bappeda Tuban was represented by Mrs. Siti Umi Hanik, S.T., M.T. as the head of the Planning, Control & Evaluation Division of Regional Development and Mr. Danang Tri Nohandono, ST as the Head of the Subbid. Control, Evaluation & Reporting.

Mrs. Siti Umi Hanik, S.T., M.T said that in relation to existing policies, Bappeda Tuban asked the ITS PDPM team to return to work with Bappeda Tuban as in the previous year, namely to evaluate and provide recommendations for 6 macro performance indicators in Tuban Regency. The six indicators based on Permendagri No. 18 of 2020 is the Human Development Index, Poverty Rate, Unemployment Rate, Economic Growth, Per capita Income and Income Inequality. Bappeda Tuban hopes that PDPM ITS can provide input on a priority basis, what factors most influence the performance of the main indicators.

Mr. Dr. Sutikno, M.Si thanked the Tuban Bappeda for trust in the ITS PDPM team. Mr. Sutikno added that in addition to the six macro performance indicators, there was one more job that the ITS PDPM previously did, namely Farmer’s Exchange Rate (NTP). Of the seven jobs, only NTPs were discussed using the current year. While the other six indicators analyze the conditions of the previous year.

Bappeda Tuban agrees with Mr. Dr, Sutikno. According to Mr. Danang Tri Nohandono, ST, “NTP is not a regional indicator, but NTP is one of the benchmarks for successful development in agriculture. The agricultural sector in Tuban Regency is the sector that absorbs the most labor.” However, because it was feared that there would be a mechanism for change in October 2021, it was finally agreed that the Cooperation for NTP work was decided in October.

As an evaluation of the work that has been done previously, the ITS PDPM team hopes that Bappeda Tuban will provide the RPJMD and evaluate the existing conditions of Tuban Regency the previous year so that the ITS team can provide appropriate recommendations. At the end of the discussion, it was agreed that three main jobs such as Unemployment Analysis, Poverty Analysis and Human Development Index will be analyzed immediately while the rest will be analyzed after primary data collection in the field is completed.

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