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Notification of Uploading of Activity Reports and Preparation for Monitoring and Evaluation of Research and Evaluation of the Ministry of Research and Technology/BRIN for Fiscal Year 2020

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Following up on the letter from the Director of Research and Community Service-Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency number B/1162/E3/RA.00/2020 dated November 20, 2020 regarding Notification of Preparation for Monitoring and Evaluation of Research Implementation for Fiscal Year 2020, herewith We ask for your help in conveying to the researchers in the department (attached) to immediately upload the activity report, with the following conditions:

  1. Upload the Activity Report document at Simlitabmas Login NG 2.0 no later than December 10, 2020 with details:
No Jenis Kontrak Kategori Skema Unggah Berkas
1 Kontrak Tunggal (Mono Tahun) Desentralisasi PDUPT, PTUPT, PPUPT 1.      Laporan akhir

2.      Luaran Wajib dan Tambahan

3.      Catatan Harian

4.      SPTB 100%

Kompetitif Nasional PD, PT, PP, PMDSU, PTM, PPD, PDD
2 Kontrak Jamak (Multi Tahun) Kompetitif Nasional PMDSU Batch V 1.      Laporan kemajuan

2.      Luaran Wajib dan Tambahan

3.      Catatan Harian

4.      SPTB 100%

Penugasan WCR Baru, KRUPT Lanjutan, WCR Lanjutan

2. For the last year researchers in 2020, please also upload files at Simlitabmas Login (Old) on the Seminar Results File menu no later than 10 December 2020 the following documents:

a. Scientific articles
b. Achievement Form
c. Profil (templates are in https://intip.in/unduhtemplatelaporan)
d. Poster

3. Upload documents (softcopy) to SIMPEL ITS no later than December 15, 2020. This is necessary because DRPM ITS has not been able to access reports and outputs at Simlitabmas NG 2.0.

4. Collect hardcopy files to their respective departments/work units no later than December 10, 2020. Then they can be sent to DRPM ITS collectively for the following documents:

a. Proposal Revision
b. Progress report
c. Final report
d. Outside
e. Diary
f. Original SPTB Stamped (70% and 100%)
g. Financial Recap and Report
h. Copy of e-invoice and proof of paying research tax

5. The activity report format (Final Report or Progress Report) can be downloaded through each Simlitabmas account. Writing the substance of the report must follow the template without modifying or deleting the description of the fields in each entry in the template;

6. Guidelines for Uploading Progress Reports, Daily Notes, SPTB and Final Reports at Simlitabmas NG 2.0, Guidelines for Uploading Seminar Files on Results at Old Simlitabmas, and Upload Guidelines on SIMPEL can be downloaded at https://intip.in/kumpulanpanduan

7. Researchers who have proposed an extension of the time for conducting research or postponing research reporting and their submission has been approved by the Directorate of Research and Community Service, are still obliged to upload a progress report/final report as material for monitoring and evaluation as well as consideration for the sustainability of research for the 2021 fiscal year.

8. Upload Report Files and Outputs will determine the Outcome Monev Results which will affect funding for further research in the 2021 Fiscal Year.

9. The completeness of the report documents is a requirement in the issuance of the Certificate of having carried out the Research activities of the Ministry of Research and Technology / BRIN 2020

For your attention and cooperation we extend our thanks.


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