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Launching of Pelindo III Assistance Village Assistance Program in Simomulyo Hydroponic Village by PDPM

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Sunday 9 January 2021, the Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM)-Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya launched the Pelindo III Assistance Village Assistance Program in the Hydroponic Village, Simomulyo Village. The launching was attended by the Head of the PDPM Puska Dr. Sutikno, Deputy Puska PDPM Dr. Soedarso, Business Expert Ir. Lantip Tri Sunarno, MT., Hydroponics Expert Prof. Fahimah, the PDPM Team, Director of Human Resources and General Affairs of Pelindo III Mr. Edi Priyanto, Asekper of KBL Mr. Herry Wismanto, Implementer of KBL Luqman Firmansyah, Head of Hydroponic Village Mr. Nuki Nugraha and members of Simomulyo Hydroponic Village. The condition of Surabaya which is still a pandemic, so this activity is carried out in a hybrid manner. Some are offline in class and online via Zoom meetings.

Head of PDPM Dr. Sutikno said that today’s activity is the Launching and Training of the BMC Business Plan. Dr. Sutikno said that this activity was a form of synergy between ITS College and Pelindo III Company in community development. ITS as an educational institution has knowledge and competence, but “does not have” money. The Pelindo III company with its businesses and businesses must have money. With synergy, we want to provide benefits to the community through empowerment activities. Among them is the Pelindo III Assisted Village Program. Pelindo III has several assisted villages, one of which is the Hydroponic Village in Simomulyo Village.

The purpose of this assistance is to improve managerial and entrepreneurial skills, improve hydroponic farming skills, increase the ability to process hydroponic products and their derivatives, and increase hydroponic village business assets. This mentoring lasted intensively for 2 months with 13 main activities. Hydroponic Village Assistance involves several experts at ITS. Among them Prof. Fahimah Hydroponic Expert from the Department of Chemistry, Ir. Lantip Tri Sunarno, MT Business Management Expert from the Department of Industry, Karina Pradinie, M.Sc Planning Expert from the PWK Department, Dr. Setiawan Statistician from the Department of Statistics, Dr. Soedarso Sociologist from the Department of Development Studies, Dr. Feby Agung Solar Cell Expert from the Electrical Department and several others. In the future, the Simomulyo Village Hydroponic Village can become an Edu Wisata Village. So that it can improve the economy and social community.

The launching of this program was inaugurated by the Director of Human Resources (HR) and General Mr. Edy Priyanto via Zoom. Edy Priyanto said he was very happy to be able to synergize with ITS. So far, Pelindo III assisted villages have only been given assistance. Without any assistance. With the assistance, especially by ITS, it is hoped that the Hydroponic Village can become an advanced Pelindo III fostered village and become a model for other Pelindo III fostered villages. Moreover, it was conveyed by Dr. This mentoring Sutikno involved many experts at ITS. Edy Priyanto conveyed a message that during the mentoring activities, he continued to pay attention to health protocols. Participants must wear masks, wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. When eating, please don’t talk. Because that’s one way to spread the virus.

The head of the Hydroponic Village, Nuki Nugraha, conveyed that the initial idea of ​​the Hydroponic Village was a desperate capital to carry out activities in RW 7 Simomulyo Village. Over time, it turns out that the idea of ​​hydroponic plants brings benefits to residents. Until finally it could become a Pelindo III Assisted Village. Hopefully in the future it will be better and more advanced. It could be like the Maspati Lawas Village which is also the Pelindo III fostered village. The event was closed with the TTD MoU between Pelindo III and the Chair of the Hydroponic Village. This MoU is a form of collaboration and appreciation of Pelindo III with the Hydroponic Village.

Welcome and Opening by Director of Human Resources and General Pelindo III Edy Priyanto

Message from the Head of the ITS PDPM Puska Dr. Sutikno

ITS Participants and Team

Participants comply with 3M’s health protocols

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