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Discussion of Data Collection and Information on Hydroponic Edutourism Village Planning

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On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the Center for the Study of Regional Potential and Community Empowerment (PDPM) of the ITS Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) held a discussion of collecting data and information about the Hydroponic Village in Simomulyo Village, Surabaya City. This activity is a series of activities for the Assistance of the Pelindo III Assistance Village Program in the Hydroponic Village. This discussion and information collection was used as material to design and organize RT 08 RW 7 Simomulyo Village as a Hydroponic Edutourism Village. This discussion aligns the wishes of the residents with the vision and mission of making the Hydroponic Village a Hydroponic Edutourism. This activity was attended by the Head of the PDPM Puska Dr. Sutikno, ITS team Sugiharto and Galih Alco Pranata, planning facilitator Lydia Angela, Head of Hydroponic Village Nuki Nugraha and hydroponic farmer group RT 08 RW 07.

Lydia Angela had a discussion and gathered information for the residents of the Hydroponic Village, Simomulyo Village

Mrs. Lilik, a resident of RT 08 RW 7, Simomulyo Village, is one of the activists in the Hydroponic Village. Mrs. Lilik conveyed the activities that had been carried out in the Hydroponic Village. Among them are hydroponic learning activities at the Reading Park, waste banks, hydroponic processed cakes and greening the village. Bu Lilik hopes that in the future, Kampung RT 08 RW 07 Simomulyo Village can be like the Colorful Village in Malang. Visitors or tourists visiting the Hydroponic Village can get souvenirs, can learn hydroponic farming, can take photos, culinary and return home with souvenirs typical of the Hydroponic Village. All citizens are involved. So as to improve the economy and social community of RT 08 RW 07 Simomulyo Village.

Participants in the discussion and gathering of Hydroponic Village information.
Left to right: Head of Hydroponic Village Nuki Nugraha, Head of PDPM Puska Dr. Sutikna, ITS Team Galih Alco Pranata and Planning Facilitator Lydia Angela.

Lydia Angela, the facilitator for the design planning of the Hydroponic Village, said that her task was to collect all information related to the Hydroponic Village, Simomulyo Village. We help the people of the Hydroponic Village to express the wishes of the residents regarding the Hydroponic Village. The results of this discussion and information will be processed by the ITS team to design RT 08 RW 07 Simomulyo Village as a Hydroponic Edutourism Village.

Lilik (middle) conveys the activities in Kampung RT 08 RW 07 Simomulyo Village, Surabaya City.

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