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Business Mentoring for the 2021 Social Entrepreneurship Program in Lumajang Regency

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) Directorate of Research and Community Service DRPM ITS Surabaya received a visit from the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs, Directorate General of Social Empowerment, represented by Gloria Kushala Devi and Evan Maulana. This visit is in order to kick off and discuss the implementation of Business Mentoring activities for the 2021 Social Entrepreneurship Program in Lumajang Regency. This visit was received by the Head of PDPM Dr. Sutikno, Deputy Head of PDPM Dr. Soedarso and ITS Incubator and Innovation Business Services (ILB) Staff Sugianto.

Gloria Kushala Devi, Policy Analyst of Young Experts at the Directorate of Individual, Family and Community Institutional Social Empowerment (PSPKKM) of the Ministry of Social Affairs, conveyed that the purpose of this activity was to stimulate the economy due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Beneficiary Families (KPM) from the Family Hope Program (PKH). The target of the activity is 300 PKH people who have businesses. This activity is in the form of business consulting guidance, social assistance and assistance in strengthening business production to 300 KPM. In its implementation, it must synergize with the Lumajang Regency Social Service, PKH Facilitators, sub-district social welfare workers (TKSK) and related stakeholders. The Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs cooperates with Universities in carrying out this activity.

Left-Right Evan Maulana, Gloria Kushala Devi, Soedarso, Sugianto and Ayu Discussion on Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Head of PDPM Dr. Sutikno said that ITS was ready to cooperate and carry out this business mentoring activity. PDPM ITS will synergize with ILBI ITS. ILBI ITS has competence in mentoring and business incubation while PDPM has competence in community empowerment. With this synergy, it is hoped that the objectives of this activity can be achieved and optimally. ITS will deploy experienced supervisors, facilitators and mentors to assist KPM. The 300 KPM will be determined after initial discussions and observations with the Lumajang District Social Service. The KPM requirement is to be registered in the PKH program and have a business.

After the kick off and discussion, the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs and ITS will coordinate with the East Java Provincial Social Service, Lumajang District Social Service, PKH Facilitators, TKSK and initial observations to several KPM PKH programs in Lumajang Regency.

Left to right: Mrs. Gloria, Mrs. Nira Dinso Lumajang, Ms. Nana Social Service Lumajang and Mr. Akbar Korkab PKH Luamajang discussing the Business Mentoring program

Mrs. Golria, Mr. Evan and Mrs. Nira observed Mrs. Nikmah KPM the PKH program who has a meatball business in Lumajang Market.

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