June 17, 2022 15:06

Gorontalo State University Visit

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Gorontalo State University held a visit to the Directorate of Information System Technology Development on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The visit was themed Benchmarking and Best Practice Development of an OBE-Based Learning Assessment System at ITS. During the visit, the Director of DPTSI and several heads of the Head of Sub-Directorate and Head of DPTSI were also present. The representatives from the State University of Gorontalo who attended the meeting were the Vice Chancellor 4 of UNG, Prof. Karmila Machmud, S.Pd., M.A., Ph.D., Secretary of LP3M UNG, Mr. Drs. Sumarno Ismail, M.Pd., and the Gorontalo State University team.

The event started with remarks from the Director of DPTSI, followed by a speech by the Deputy Chancellor 4 of UNY, and continued with remarks from the Secretary of LP3m UNY. In her speech, Mrs. Karmila (as WR 4 UNY) hopes to learn many things related to good information system management from ITS. Before entering the main event, there were souvenirs and group photos handed over by Mrs. Karmila as WR 4 UNY to Mr. Rizky Januar Akbar as Director of DPTSI.

The main event of this visit discussed the Overview and Implementation of the myITS Academics Information System Curriculum Module, Assessment Module, and SKPB Module (MKU) and closed with a discussion on ICT collaboration.

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