Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy constitutes a real commitment from DPTSI-ITS to respect and protect all personal data or information of the User of the applications in ITS.

This Privacy Policy determines the basis for the obtainment, collection, processing, analysis, display, transfer, opening, storage, modification, removal and/or any form of management in relation to any data or information of User.

By clicking “Register” or any similar statement available on the Application registration page, the User represents that every Personal Data of the User is true and valid data, the User acknowledges that the User has been notified and understands the terms of this Privacy Policy and the User grants consent to DPTSI-ITS to obtain, collect, process, analyze, display, transfer, open, store, modify, remove and/or use the data for the purposes as set out in the Privacy Policy.


A. Obtainment and Collection of Users’ Personal Data


DPTSI-ITS collects Users’ Personal Data for the purpose of processing User transactions, managing and ease the process of using the Application, and for other purposes insofar permissible under the applicable laws and regulations. The collected Users’ Personal Data are as follows:

  1. Data provided independently by the User, but not limited to data provided at the time the User:
    a. creates or updates the Application account, including among others username, email address, telephone number, password, address, photos and other identifiable information of the User;
    b. contacts DPTSI-ITS, through servicedesk, e-Office, or e-Mail;
    c. fills out a survey sent by DPTSI-ITS or other parties officially appointed to represent DPTSI-ITS;
    d. uses services on the Application, including detailed transactions data, among others the type, number and/or description of other transaction details;
    e. fills in payment data at the time the User conducts a payment transaction activity through the Application, but not limited to bank account data, credit card, virtual account, internet banking;
    f. uses features on the Site which require access permission to the relevant data stored in the User’s device.
  2. Data stored at the time the User uses the Application, but not limited to:
    a. real or approximate location data such as IP address, Wi-Fi location and geo-location;
    b. data in the form of the time of every activity of a User in relation to the use of Application, including the time of registration, login and transaction;
    c. User usage or preference data, including User interactions in using the Application, saved selection, and selected setting. The data is obtained using cookies, pixel tags and similar technologies that create and maintain a unique identifier;
    d. log data, including logs on server receiving the data such as device IP address, access date and time, application features or pages viewed, application work process and other system activities, browser type, and/or third party sites or services used by the User before interacting with the Application.
  3. Data obtained from other sources, but not limited to:
    a. data in the form of name, date of birth, gender, email, telephone number, address of DPTSI-ITS’s business partners;
    b. data from financial service providers and banking.


B. Use of Users’ Personal Data


DPTSI-ITS may use the Personal Data obtained and collected from Users as provided in the previous section for the following purposes:

  1. Processing of all forms of requests, activities and transactions made by Users through the Application.
  2. Provision of features to provide, create, maintain and improve Users information needs.
  3. Monitoring and investigating of system hacking activity;
  4. In certain event, DPTSI-ITS may be required to use or disclose the User’s Personal Data for the purpose of law enforcement or to fulfill the requirement and obligation under the applicable laws and regulations.


C. Disclosure and Transfer of Users’ Personal Data


DPTSI-ITS is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of User Personal Data under the control of DPTSI-ITS and guarantees that there is no threat to User Personal Data so that confidential data cannot be provided for any need, except for law enforcement purposes.


D. Cookies


  1. Cookies are small files that automatically take place on the User’s device that performs the function of storing User preferences and configurations while using the Applications.
  2. These cookies are not used when accessing other data on the User’s device, other than what the User has agreed to submit.
  3. Although the User’s computer device will automatically accept cookies, the User can choose to accept or reject cookies.


E. Security, Storage and Deletion of User Personal DataD. Disclosure and Transfer of Users’ Personal Data


  1. DPTSI-ITS protects all User Personal Data stored in the system, and protects this data from unauthorized access, use, modification, retrieval and/or disclosure by using a number of security measures and procedures, including passwords and OTP (One Time Password) User.
  2. Even though DPTSI-ITS has used its best efforts to secure and protect User Personal Data, it must be known that sending data via the Internet is never completely secure. Thus, DPTSI-ITS cannot guarantee 100% data security.
  3. DPTSI-ITS will delete and/or deactivate User Personal Data that is no longer affiliated with ITS.


F. Access and Correction of User Personal Data


  1. DPTSI-ITS will ensure that the Personal Data entered by the User is processed accurately and completely. However, Users can provide information to DPTSI-ITS if there are errors in User Personal Data.
  2. Users have the right to access or correct User Personal Data.


G. Complaints regarding User Data Protection


  1. If the User has concerns about the handling or treatment of DPTSI-ITS, the User can contact DPTSI via the service desk.
  2. DPTSI-ITS will follow up on User complaints and try to respond to these complaints.


H. Contact Us


If the User has questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact the DPTSI-ITS service via the service desk.


I. Privacy Policy Update


DPTSI-ITS can make changes or updates to this Privacy Policy. DPTSI-ITS recommends that Users read and check this Privacy Policy page carefully. By continuing to access and use Application services, the User is deemed to agree to changes in the Privacy Policy.