Workshop Botanicalprint The Cloudy & Indigo

Mon, 26 Jun 2023
9:12 am
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Unforgettable experience in an amazing ecoprinting technique workshop!

The ITS Product Design Department and Wirawati Hrusangkali Surabaya (WHS) proudly present “The Cloudy & Indigo Botanicalprint”, the workshop took place on Saturday, June 17 2023. Together with Nawangwoelan Art Gallery and Arae’s artisanal ecoprint, we present an event that combines artistic expertise and environmental awareness.

More than 50 participants from various backgrounds, including SMEs, students, and craftsmen, joined in exploring the latest eco-friendly ecoprint techniques, with the aim of raising important issues regarding eco washing. We believe that by combining natural beauty and eco-friendly techniques, we can create stunning works of art while promoting sustainability.

This workshop was led by a very experienced mentor, namely the CEO of PT Sahabat Bumi Arae, Masrur. As a nationally renowned ecoprint artist, he has made a major contribution to the world of ecoprint. Kak Masrur stressed the importance of looking at business from a broader sustainable perspective. It is not only about using environmentally friendly natural materials, but also about the production process and its implications. Crucial questions such as whether there is waste generated during the production process? And is this business able to create jobs? Kak Masrur will answer all these questions in this workshop.

Not only workshops, we also held a talk show with a very interesting Green Economy theme. Mr. Bambang Tristiyono, as the Head of the ITS Product Design Department, will share knowledge about the importance of implementing a green economy in the development of creative industries. There will also be Mr. Masrur, a Green Economy businessman from ARAE, who will share valuable experiences in building a sustainable business. In addition, representatives from the Environmental Lovers Group were also present to provide their perspectives on the importance of preserving the environment. The discussion was guided by a competent moderator, namely Mrs. Irna Arlianti, an experienced lecturer from the ITS Product Design Department.

The workshop will be opened by Ms. Nawangwoelan from the Art Gallery, as the dedicated Head of the Committee. He is very enthusiastic about supporting this event and hopes that this workshop will become an inspiration and collaboration platform for participants to explore stunning ecoprinting techniques.

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