Jewelry products are not really in demand by Generation Z because Gen Z’s purchasing power is still low, which is less than $200. Some things that can increase Gen Z’s interest in jewelery are by raising social issues and green-products. Customization is also expected to be a big trend, due to the creative and innovative characteristics of Gen Z so it is expected that Gen Z will be interested in one-of-a-kind jewelry. Transformable jewelry as a form of customization is jewelry that can be changed both in form and function by the user himself, so that it fits the personality of Gen Z.

Meanwhile, according to data from SIPSN in 2018, plastic contributed 10.58% to city waste. To reduce existing waste, things that can be done are to reduce the use of plastic or to recycle existing plastic waste. Recycling can be done professionally by processing plastic waste into plastic material again, or by converting plastic waste into other products such as attractive jewelery materials that match Gen Z values. In 2019, the price of plastic waste decreased, namely Rp. .

This design is done by collecting data through two methods, namely primary and secondary. The primary method comes from questionnaires, expert interviews, role playing, purposive sampling, experiments and analysis. While the secondary method comes from a review of previous research, literature, existing products, positioning, persona, imageboard, moodboard, and 3D simulation. This design resulted in 3 series of transformable jewelry with attractive recycled PET plastic materials, namely the Klar Series, the Rium Series, and the Eleu Series. This jewelry design is expected to increase the value of plastic waste, meet the needs and preferences of Gen Z, and provide jobs for women in marginalized groups.