Motorsports are rapidly growing in Indonesia in line with the development of the automotive industry, marked by the arrival of international races such as Formula E and WRC. According to the official Formula E website, it is recorded that 13.4 million people watched the race from all over Indonesia during the Jakarta E-Prix in 2022. Based on this phenomenon, there are business opportunities and chances to increase public interest in car racing through Taxi Ride at the circuit. However, most Taxi Ride cars are not designed with passengers in mind. Therefore, a new design is needed that provides operability similar to race cars, while also considering passengers’ needs to enhance the experience. Data were collected through three days of observation and Deep interviews involving one racing car driver and two Taxi Ride passengers. The collected data was further analyzed using the Persona method to determine the appropriate styling and Customer Journey Mapping to formulate the Design Requirement and Objective (DRNO). The proposed concept involves a racecar with a space frame construction for easy maintenance, featuring a front engine layout and rear-wheel drive for improved car control, and the car will adopt the latest styling trends inspired by the endurance category.

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