In an era of rapidly changing modern social structures, many individuals may face various conflicts and challenges all the time. Facts show that almost 73% of workers in America experience stress at work. This phenomenon does not only occur in America, but also in big cities, including Indonesia. Living in big cities can be found in everyday life namely exposure to air pollution, which can cause some early and lasting damage to human mental health, as well as cognitive. Therefore, this research aims to make home decoration products that spend time at home and plan to take up the next project. Expect on-trend design features, including smart furniture (34%), natural elements (31%), and colorful station art (28%). Home decoration has an important role to complement and support the function of the room, where the decoration of the room is the important thing from the final touch of the room by creating a room atmosphere where people can feel relaxed and refreshing. This study has gone through the stages of data collection, experimentation, analysis, concept design, to produce 3 design alternatives which are then carried out by preliminary design to obtain a final design that meets the requirements or is feasible to continue in the mass production process. From this study, a solution to the existing problem was obtained, namely the author made interactive wall decorations with lights and air purifier features using the concept of multi-configuration and multifunction, where the product works optimally for each activity requirement and type of work performed. To perfect the multi-configuration concept, this product uses a modular system consisting of several modules that are going through natural geometric shapes. With the concept of this idea, this research was able to create a wall decoration product design that is geared towards the appearance of a modern space by using smart lamp technology and air filters.

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