Jewelry is a product that has a wide range of innovations to explore. Jewelry has been made since long ago even on stone age. This can be proved by the discovery of jewelry artifacts. From this point, we can conclude that jewelry has a long life span and plenty of room for innovations. An example of jewelry innovations is made by a small business in malang LAMITA, who uses batik as main material for their jewelry products. Batik is one of Indonesia’s culture which is praised by its beautifull pattern. The use of this pattern can be explored more to be used on jewelry.

The Writer did som exploration on batik fabric with some experiments to turn batik into jewelry that suits the needs of the targeted user. The point of the experiment is alligned with the target user’s preference for jewelry. The data of the preferences from the user is obtained from study and analysis from previous research and also directly from interviewing them. From the datas gained, the writer makes the product with the research goal in mind, which is making a jewelry with batik fabric intended for generation z women.

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