In the modern era, eco – friendly transportation is increasingly needed. Especially in mining environments, the mobility of employees is essential for running day-to-day operations. It is noted that 9672 liters of diesel/th/bus is more cost-effective if using electric vehicles than conventional and can also lift the image of an environmentally friendly company. The 10 mining electric vehicles currently in circulation are still unable to move efficiently due to the inability to move in different places such as asphalt roads and mining. Not only that, but mine bus vehicles cannot meet the needs of employees during the journey. To find the right vehicle, data collection was conducted by in-depth interviews with 10 mine employees with 3 different companies that were conducted over 7 days. Then the data is processed to find suitable vehicles for mining areas. Not only that, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of 3 company vehicles to reach the meeting point so that they can present efficient vehicles. Following the bus trend is also a matter of concern in designing a bus. The design concept taken is a vehicle that can move in mining areas and in residential areas and is certainly environmentally friendly and has also met the basic requirements of vehicles in mining areas.

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