The development of fashion in the world is very important and is one of the largest sub-sectors supporting GDP. This is not limited to the international world. In Indonesia, fashion is the 3rd largest sub-sector for Indonesia’s GDP. Many people– especially women like to follow fashion trends. However, this does not fulfill every woman’s vanity desires. Because of this, they like to order custom-made products that can help show the best side of their bodies. There are various ways to create unique products, one of which is by using 3D printing technology. As time goes by, Indonesia is also starting to set foot in the industrial revolution 4.0. 3D printer technology is one step of the revolution. From this, many designers began to emerge using 3D printing technology. However, this is limited overseas. The development of 3D printing in Indonesia is still limited, only starting from several theses in 2018. In addition, there is only 1 brand that has
developed in Indonesia namely Odyssey. Because of this opportunity, the authors hope that women’s fashion with 3D printing technology will become more widely recognized by the public and more popular in the future.