Multifunctional furniture is furniture that can support various personal activities ranging from sleeping, waking up, eating, relaxing, working, storing items such as shoes, clothes, books, work equipment and electronic equipment in the form of gadgets to workspace. In this case, there is still a lack of furniture in apartment residences that provides multifunctional furniture to support the residents’ needs. So, this design was carried out to develop multifunctional furniture designs to facilitate the activity needs of apartment residents (office workers). The author uses the Grand Kamala Lagoon Apartment, Barclay Studio Type 1 Bedroom, as a reference object in designing multifunctional furniture designs for apartment residents with a folding system and applying the space saver concept. So, it can minimize and save space and facilitate the process of use and storage in limited apartment space. This multifunctional furniture design was created by considering aspects such as ergonomics, anthropometry, materials, folding systems, storage systems, work desk layouts, storage, and the activities of apartment residents from waking up to going back to sleep. The design method used is by conducting literature studies, direct observation (shadowing), and in-depth interviews with apartment residents which are used as benchmarks and references in analyzing design needs for multifunctional furniture for apartment residents. The benefit of the design carried out is to find the needs of apartment residents for multifunctional furniture products according to the needs and comfort of work, sleeping, eating, relaxing, and working activities for apartment residents to increase the comfort of living and activities.

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