Childhood is a period of highly active development filled with various activities. Playing, eating, sleeping, and every other activity have time limits tailored to children’s needs. Children’s understanding of the concept of time is an aspect of their development. Psychologically, children’s understanding of time can shape their time discipline from an early age. Introducing the concept of time to children begins with their understanding of simple aspects, such as morning-evening, here-there, now-later, and so on. Learning done with a non- violent approach, along with effective communication, is more easily accepted by children. Parents and educators play a crucial role in providing education on this matter. Through the application of gentle parenting theory, a softer and more responsive approach to children’s needs can help create an environment that supports learning the concept of time. Therefore, tools or media are needed to assist parents and educators in providing effective and positive guidance on children’s understanding of time. Time indicator media with illustrations strengthen children’s understanding of time. Designs featuring animal characters and illustrations stimulate imagination, creativity, and positive interaction. The use of wristwatch models with moving images shows more interactive child interaction. Day-night illustrations and activity symbols help children identify time and activities simply. This approach creates a positive and engaging learning experience for preschool-aged children.

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