This thesis discusses the design of a techwear biker-style bag with enhanced accessibility. The main concept of this thesis is to integrate distinctive design elements of biker fashion with modern technology and improved accessibility. This research combines in-depth analysis of user needs with exploration of the latest technology and materials in the bag industry. Through market surveys and interviews with potential users, identification of user needs and preferences for functional and stylish everyday bags is conducted. In the design process, emphasis is placed on the use of versatile, durable materials and waterproof technology to ensure bag resilience in various weather conditions. The fusion of masculine biker style with futuristic techwear elements enables the creation of a bag that is not only stylish but also high-performing. Accessibility ease is the primary focus in design development, with the arrangement of intuitive compartments and quick-opening systems.The result of this thesis is a prototype techwear biker bag that meets the standards of modern user needs. This bag offers a harmonious blend of the strong aesthetics of biker fashion with technology that enables optimal accessibility. Field trials and user satisfaction surveys are conducted to evaluate the quality and performance of this bag.Overall, this thesis successfully creates a product that combines strong aesthetics with high functionality. By prioritizing accessibility and technology in design, this techwear biker bag is expected to meet the needs of active and urban users with a unique and innovative style.

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