Footwear is a fashion product that is mandatory consumption for women, one of which is sandals. The phenomenon of leather fashion products such as jackets, bags, shoes and many more has also become an attraction for the wider community because it can increase user value and its long-lasting nature. This is the initial target for using leather materials. From the large number of users of leather products, you can imagine the large amount of leather waste that is generated. wasted from the manufacture of the product. Identifying the phenomenon and consumerism of women’s sandals is the beginning of its own opportunity to become a product. Synthetic leather is a material that is often used in making fashion products. Synthetic leather cuts in fashion product manufacturing factories are stored in storage warehouses or sold to the public. In the research study carried out by the author, the author focused on utilizing waste from synthetic leather scraps using simple exploration techniques so that it could increase the aesthetics of the sandal shoe product that was to be made. Meanwhile, user research discusses target consumers, trends and market tastes. Through the design method the author looks for a concept to solve the problem so that shoes are obtained using synthetic leather waste material which has a floral and upcycling concept which will be one of the innovative solutions to increase company profitability because waste material is often available at low prices or even free

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