Jewelry has become an important part of women’s social life. Used to express social relations and identity within a social group. Brass is one of the most commonly used materials in jewelry making because it can be recycled many times with significant environmental and economic benefits. Brass products in sheet or plate form are one of the growth targets for the brass industry. Interest in brass jewelery over the last 12 months has experienced ups and downs, this is due to the market for jewelery made of brass material which has not yet fully entered the Generation Z market. Currently, a new market sector that is developing is Generation Z, and brass jewelery still needs to adapt to the preferences and needs of this generation. Based on the 2020 Population Census data, Indonesia’s population is dominated by Generation Z. There are a total of 74.93 million or 27.94% of Indonesia’s total population.

Generation Z is a very large and influential group, and they will continue to drive cultural change in many areas, such as consumption behavior, seeing from the character of Generation Z that is sensitive to trends. The 2in1 multilook jewelry concept emerged as a design development that allows jewelery owners to use one product with different uses and looks according to their needs and personal style. “2 in 1” products provide users with flexibility and multiple benefits.

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