Bamboo is a plant that is widely grown in Indonesia. Blitar, one of the areas that grows a lot of bamboo plants, there are many ways to use this bamboo plant. There are various ways to use bamboo, some of which are used by the community, namely for making handicrafts, building construction, skewers, bird cages, etc. The use of bamboo as a furniture material is still rare, this is because it is influenced by several factors, one of which is that bamboo furniture craftsmen are still rare, although many craftsmen can process bamboo into various kinds of products.

Bamboo is a material that has the same durability and strength as wood when treated properly. Being elastic and having a unique texture, bamboo can be a unique furniture material, making it suitable for use in cafe furniture. In this case there are several reviews that can be resolved with the influence of bamboo furniture designs on cafes. Intense competition in the cafe world makes Cafe Linang a design object which develops Cafe Linang furniture and rooms.

The concept applied to Cafe Linang is rustic modern, where the desire of the cafe owner wants to combine natural, vintage accents, combined with the condition as is, giving rise to a rustic concept wrapped in a modern accent. Modern rustic style that has natural elements, and contemporary style can provide unique value to cafes that have home-based buildings, using bamboo material as a substitute for wood which gives rise to its characteristics, namely texture, can produce a special attraction for customers who will visit Cafe Linang , so that it can give people interest to visit Cafe Linang.