Guidance for Lecturers

Mon, 30 Nov 2020
11:37 am
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This guidebook was prepared by the ITS Credit Score Team and has been approved by the Senate of the Daily Commission and is intended to be used as a technical guide in assessing and evaluating the implementation of the Tridharma (Three Pillars) of Higher Education in ITS. This guidebook contains: (a) general provisions, (b) a summary of the obligations of higher education tridharma activities that must be carried out by lecturers in one calendar year (or two academic semesters), (c) a rubric for assessing lecturers’ workload and evaluating the implementation of tridharma college activities high, (d) professor’s special assignment rubric, (e) flowchart of the assessment and evaluation process for lecturers’ workloads, and (f) fixed operational procedures (POB) for assessing and evaluating lecturer workloads.

BKD guidance can be seen here.

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