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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q: Who can use the AWC services?

A: ITS AWC offers one-on-one consultation for international publication manuscripts and various topics of the workshop for ITS final year undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and all faculty members.

Q: Are the consultations and workshops provided by the ITS-AWC free of charge?

A: All services provided by the ITS-AWC are free of charge. However, you need to register to get a slot for a one-on-one consultation/a seat for a workshop.

Q: How to register for a one-on-one consultation?

A: To book one-on-one consultation, (1) register through our Google Form here, and (2) choose your schedule on our booking calendar here

Q: One hour one on one consultation is too short; can I have more time for a one-on-one consultation?

A: If your first consultation has finished, you may book another consultation if the slot is available. Check the availability of the slot here

Q: Should I have a publication manuscript in English for a one-on-one consultation?

A: Yes. We recommend that you have a script in English because the consultation is aimed for students and lecturers who have international publication interests. However, if you don’t have a draft yet, you can consult the ideas and brainstorm with the tutor, or you can consult about writing techniques to the  tutor.

Q: What language is used in one-on-one consultation/ workshop? I have a low English proficiency.

A: The consultation session with our VELF will use full English. For consultation sessions with non-native tutors, we still recommend consulting in English. However, you can switch between English and Indonesian if needed.

Q: Where can I get information about the scheduled workshop?

A: ITS- AWC provides various regular and drop-in workshops. Please go to the WORKSHOP window and choose your preference/s topic and schedule.

Q: How to register for a workshop?

A: Workshop registration can be done by filling out the G-form. If you attend the Thematic workshop, you can register at the following link If you want to take part in the Serial Workshop, you can register at the following link

Q: What kind of workshops are held by the ITS-AWC?

A: ITS-AWC delivers a wide range of workshops on areas of academic writing. The workshops are different each month. For April 2022, there will be 2 topics; 1) Paraphrasing and Summarizing Practices, and 2) I-Thenticate, Turnitin, and Grammarly: What Do they Actually Tell you?. You can register yourself here

Q: Can I choose my consultant for a one-on-one session?

A: Yes, at this moment you can choose the tutors based their time availability. They both are native Indonesian tutors and have formal education in the related field and experience in tutoring academic writing. For English native tutor, there will be further information on May, 2022.

Q: Can I do an offline one-on-one session?

A: Both online and in-person appointments are available. You can register yourself here and choose offline or online meeting based on your preferences.

Q: Can the Tutor proofread my manuscript?

A: The ITS Academic Writing Center does not provide editing services, nonetheless, Tutors can help writers identify patterns and trends in their writing as well as clarify rules, explain conventions, and provide examples.

Q: Instead of a manuscript for international publication, can I consult my research proposal?

A: Yes, you can have a session to discuss your research proposal for ITS international join research or sandwich program, and for lecturers only a proposal for further study overseas.

Q: What the tutors and clients do during the one-on-one consultation?

A: There will be a lot of productive activities during one-on-one consultation. The tutors will assist you to develop ideas through brainstorming or questioning, while the clients are encouraged to engage actively during the discussing. The complete activity about one-on-one consultation is available in our informative poster in this link

Q: Are the AWC services available for non-ITS academicians?

A: At the moment, all the services provided by Academic Writing Center are merely limited to ITS academicians. In specific the services are addressed to final-year undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members of ITS.

Q: What should I prepared before one-on-one consultation?

A: Firstly, you need to register yourself on Secondly, fill the Google Calendar on Thirdly, you are strongly recommended to upload your draft on the available link. If you prefer having offline meeting, you are encouraged to bring the printed version of your manuscript.

Q: Are the tutors have same discipline of interest as me?

A: The tutors are professional academia holding Master degree in English. In addition, they are embraced with proper trainings and continuous developments. Thus, the clients should not worry about the different interest of discipline. The tutors will specifically address to the academic writing aspects such as mechanics, cohesive, and coherence.

Q: What should be prepared for offline one-on-one consultation?

A: The clients are recommended to 1) be on time to come to ITS Global Kampong building, 2) bring the printed manuscripts, and / or 3) prepare his / her laptop in order to ease the discussion.

Q: Will the tutors discuss about language errors in our manuscript?

A: The tutors will prioritize higher order thinking aspects in your manuscript such as the organization of the ideas and the writing cohesive and coherence. After major critical issues has been addressed, the tutor will discuss about the language errors. Even after you have completed the one-on-one consultation, proofreading your manuscript is highly recommended in order to enhance the quality of your writing.

Q: How to choose the one-on-one consultation schedule?

A: After filling up the registration form in, you should choose the schedule of one-on-one consultation in this Google Calendar link The white boxes are the available time you can choose, while the blue boxes are the schedule period that have been booked by someone else. Please choose the time that is the best of your convenience.

Q: Can I make an appointment outside the available hours? In the evening?

A: Yes, you can make one-on-one appointment outside the available hours. In order to do so, please contact our staff at Whatsapp number 0812 3389 5891 (AWC Official), or email: Contacting through Whatsapp is recommended for faster response.

Q: Can you provide me the contacts of ITS Academic Writing Center?

A: Whatsapp: 0812 3389 5891 (AWC Official)


Instagram: @itswritingcenter


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