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Academic Writing Center

Welcome to ITS Academic Writing Center!

ITS Academic Writing Center (AWC) aims to be a center of excellence in academic writing to enhance ITS scholarly research productivity and contribution to the global scientific world. In the first year, ITS AWC focuses on graduate student’s needs by providing services for ITS graduate students to improve their academic writing skills and assisting them to produce high-quality published papers. Furthermore, ITS AWC service also welcomes ITS faculty members and researchers who wish to improve their academic writing skills. Through a holistic approach, all ITS final year undergraduate students, master and doctoral students, Ph.D., senior and young lecturers are welcomed as participants and contributors. At the heart of this effort lies writer development with an emphasis on sustainability, objectivity, inclusiveness, and community.

In order to accomplish our commitment to enhancing constructive academic writing environment at ITS, we strive to perform the following initiatives:

  • We offer intensive academic writing programs to ITS graduate students based on their needs; One-on-One Consultation, General Workshops, Drop-In Workshops, and a list of resources all related to academic writing. AWC programs are offered both online and offline at the ITS AWC Office.
  • We recruit professionals and tutoring staff with various specializations in academic writing. AWC programs will be delivered by the Virtual English Language Fellow from the US Embassy, as well as a group of well-trained tutors with various specializations.
  • We continue to improve tutors’ competence through intensive training sessions as well as comprehensive discussions with the Virtual English Language Fellow and the ITS AWC management.
  • We continue to assess our service and ITS needs on academic writing through feedback and survey forms.

ITS AWC Board of Advisor

Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Heri Kuswanto, M.Si.

Director of ITS Graduate Program & Academic Development

Assoc. Prof. Maria Anityasari, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Maria Anityasari, Ph.D.

Director of ITS Global Engagement

Faiqoh Agustin

Faiqoh Agustin, S.T.


ITS AWC Management

Nabila Erdita

Nabila Aulia Putri Erdita, S.Hum.


Meilisa Sindy Astika Ariyanto, M.Pd.


ITS AWC Intern

Marcia Nayfa Fahira Zulfikar


Mayra Andrakayana


English Language Fellow

  • Quoting from the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Indonesia “The English Language Fellow Program in Indonesia promotes English language learning and enhances English teaching capacity in turn creating greater understanding between the peoples of the United States and Indonesia. The EL Fellow Program places talented, highly qualified U.S. educators with Master’s degrees in TEFL/TESL or Applied Linguistics at universities, education NGOs and other centers of education in Indonesia. Through U.S. embassy projects, Fellows share their expertise, hone their skills, gain international experience, and learn other cultures. Upon returning to the United States, they share their experiences and acquired knowledge with their communities and professional colleagues.”
  • Along with the English Language Fellow (ELF), ITS AWC also has several tutors. AWC tutors are well-trained professionals who support ITS students and researchers in advancing their academic writing. The tutors are experienced in academic writing and publications with various specializations. The tutors are trained to assist writers to develop their ideas into writing, structure the writing, and utilize writing tools. It is important to note that it is not the tutors’ responsibility to translate or revise a writing. AWC Tutors deliver the session both online and offline at the ITS AWC Office.

Current ELF


Dr. Thomas Kaufmann


Dr. Thomas Kaufmann is the ELF in ITS Academic Writing Center (AWC). He will host One-on-One Consultation and future workshops in ITS AWC along with other programs. Students can come to his office at Global Kampong to meet him for one-on-one consultation. Prior to the meeting, please book Pak Thomas’s schedule on our booking page.

Educational Background:

  • Education Doctorate in Learning Design and Leadership. Univeristy of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.
  • Master in Education in International Teaching, Framingham State University.
  • BS in Psychology, Coastal Carolina University.

Previous ELFs

Rhett Schools

Caroline Ward

Susan Crosbie

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