Master Degree Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) expected that students have the ability below:

  1. Able to carry out scientific studies in the fields of mechanical engineering science and technology in society and industries in the form of theses and papers published in journals internationals accredited and scientifically.

  2. Able to apply broad knowledge and advanced technology in the fields of Mechanical Engineering.

  3. Able to understand and utilize the theory of technical science in the fields of mechanical engineering.

  4. Able to familiarize and assess theoretical concepts and methods of system design or in-depth mechanical engineering technology.

  5. Able to analyze and solve technology and engineering problem.

  6. Able to develop innovation in mechanic system design along its component by utilizing interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary fields of science.

  7. Able to deepen or extend knowledge in a certain area related to system mechanics with an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary binary approach.

  8. Able to formulate new ideas from previous research to develop technology and mechanical systems.

  9. Able to critique and develop plans from an Engineering Machines point of view to solve environmental problems in the form of scientific papers.