Vision and Mission


To become an internationally reputable department and serve as a model for other Mechanical Engineering department from other institutions in Indonesia.


To facilitate the higher education program in the field of mechanical engineering and deliver alumni of excellent quality who are ready to compete worldwide, through educational activities, research, and community services.


The values that the Department of Mechanical Engineering wants to instill are:

  1. Ethics and Integrity; in the life of the community, state, and carrying out his profession, always adhering to the norms and regulations that apply in society, state, and religion
  2. Creativity and Innovation; Always find out new ideas to produce a good innovation in their activities.
  3. Excellence; strive to achieve optimal results
  4. Strong Leadership; Able to demonstrate a visionary, creative, innovative, hardworking, brave, and more responsible, and responsible for leadership.
  5. Synergy; Able to work together as a team and able to utilize their resource as a problem solver.
  6. Socio-cohesiveness and Social Responsibility; Maintain the social’s harmony and concern with the surrounding community


The target to be achieved by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember is

  1. Field of Teaching / Academic
  • Produce graduates who are ready to compete worldwide
  • Organizing programs that are able to drive Mechanical Engineering Departments towards an international reputation
  1. Field of Research
  • Producing research that has an impact on revenue generation
  • Encourages research whose products are worth selling produces a paper that can increase h-index
  1. Service Field
  • Applying science and technology to improve the economy
  1. Field of Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Availability of facilities and infrastructure
  1. Field of Human Resources
  • Availability of Competent human resources for Tri Dharma
  1. Field of Organization and Management
  • Availability of Comprehensive OTK and SOP
  • Implementation of a quality management system on the Department of Mechanical Engineering
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