Master Degree

About Us

Masters Study Program (S2), Mechanical Engineering Department ITS (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) was founded in 1993, the parts of Mechanical Engineering Department was founded in 1957, at the same time ITS found. This department has graduated more than 600 Masters and leading its alumni to doing well in their careers in institutions he works and deploys in various Universities and Industries. Since this department was founded, it has been designed to create graduates fulfilling the research needs both in the science educational world, research institute, or research based on product development in industries.

The Subject and Thesis on Master Study Program DTM are taught by 30 Doctors and 10 professors with diverse expertise in the field of Mechanical Engineering Masters program student research is carried out in 7 laboratories comfortable with adequate equipment. Curriculums are always updates periodically to adapt to the dynamic of scientific development and research development in industries. Area of interest in researching in Masters Degree DTM is varied enormously that can be affiliated with the laboratory of interest. The news opened the field of interest is Rekayasa Energi Terbarukan dan Berkelanjutan (RETB), where this field of interest will anticipate many professional personnel needs in the field of renewable energy related with world program, it NET ZERO EMISSION.

Study Program, DTM ITS has achieved Excellence accreditation from Badan Akreditasi Nasional (BAN PT) since had been acreditating until now and still on going to prepares International Accreditation by accreditation institute ASIIN.

DTM Masters Study Program has collaborated on the development Human Resource to produce Masters Graduate with various institutions and industries there are PT. PLN, PT. Pembangkitan Jawa Bali, PT. Indonesia Power and many other industries. To accommodate the growing interest of the industrial community will increase knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering and with the development of digital learning methods, several digital learning methods so it’s have been developed several programs, there are Master in Research with Master in Distance Learning (Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh/PJJ) beside of Master program as regularly taken on study in classroom and Thesis preparation.


This program aims to produce masters graduates with: strong basic of academic knowledge, sharp analytical skills, and able to develop and apply knowledge of mechanical engineering in institutions, education, industry, government agencies, and other sectors.

Various fundamental courses and advances that include in this program:

  • Rekayasa Sistem Manufaktur (Manufacturing System Engineering)

  • Rekayasa Konversi Energi (Energy Conversion Engineering)

  • Desain Sistem Mekanikal (Mechanical System Design)

  • Teknik Otomotif (Automotive Engineering)

  • Rekayasa Energi Terbarukan (Renewable Energy Engineering)

  • Manajemen Energi (Energy Management).


“Being an international reputable Research and Educational Institution and becoming a center of development Science and Mechanical Engineering Technology in Indonesia“.


To reach its vision, The Ministry of Education and Culture has a mission that is defined as “Contributing to science development and technology in mechanical engineering fields for social welfare through education, research, community service.”