Mon, 26 Nov 2018
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 PDKK Retreat is an event that provides an opportunity to change the mind of everyday life and provide knowledge for FTI-ITS Chemical Engineering students. This event has the theme of the Fruit of the Spirit which takes place on Saturday-Sunday, 17-18 November 2018 which takes place at Bukit Doa Immanuel, Prigen. The event was attended by 60 Christian and Catholic FTI-ITS Chemical Engineering Students. Departures are carried out at 09.00 for the organizers while the participants leave at 10:00. The trip lasted for approximately 2 hours, after the trip was finished, the PDKK group arrived at the BDI location at around 2:00 p.m., and the participants were immediately directed to eat first. After that, the event starts at 3:00 p.m. with the ceremony of the Master of Ceremony and through more than another PDKK Retreat Chair, the Chairperson of the PDKK.

After the speech, the first material was delivered by Rev. Luke Yanuar Hermawan. S. Th. That is material discussion, peace, and patience at 15.15-16.30. In this material there is an explanation of what is the fruit of the Spirit and also the presentation of freedom, peace, and patience and how to implement it in daily life. Then participants will take a break until 17:00, then at exactly 17:00 the second time begins. The second session was hosted by Ev. D Yvonne F Rumayar which contains material on discussion of mercy and kindness, the second session was held at 17.00-18.15. In this session, there was a presentation about mercy and money and how to implement it in daily life. After the second session, participants for dinner and rest from 18.15-19.30. Then the third session was delivered by Rev. Luke Yanuar Hermawan. S. Th. That is the discussion of gentleness and fidelity material carried out at 19.30-21.00. In this material there is an explanation of gentleness and loyalty and ways to implement it in everyday life. The event on the first day was closed with an internalization program between classes and breaks.

The second day starting at 6:15 a.m. was filled with a discussion of the bible verses namely Matthew 26: 41 led by the chairman of the PDKK named Stevefanus Yanli. Then the joint participants to do and prepare for this session from 07.00-08.00. The last session was presented by Ev. D Yvonne F Rumayar which contains expenditures for self-mastery and love which lasted between 8:00 and 10:00. In this last stage, there is an explanation of the meaning of love and self-mastery, as well as how to implement it in daily life. At 10:00 the participants conduct outbound until 11:00. Then after doing outbound participants to clean up before returning to Surabaya until 11:45. At 11:45 a Master of Ceremony performed before the participants and the committee of the Prayer of Immanuel Hill. Participants and committee returned to Surabaya at exactly 12.00 by using TNI cars and trucks. Participants and committee arrived safely at the FTI-ITS Chemical Engineering campus at 14.30.

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