Head of Department’s Speech

Dr. Eng. Widiyastuti, ST., MT

Assalamualaikum wrwb

The Department of Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS is an educational institution that prints prospective Chemical Engineering engineers from the Bachelor (ST), Master (MT) to Doctoral (Dr) level. The Chemical Engineering core curriculum is designed so that its graduates are able to convert raw materials into higher value products using physical, chemical, and biological principles/processes in safe, environmentally friendly and profitable conditions.

At first the Department of Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS was a Faculty of Chemical Engineering which was founded in 1960. Throughout the course of ITS there was a change to the Department of Chemical Engineering and in 2017 when ITS started as ITS-PTNBH it changed to the Department of Chemical Engineering under the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI). ). Since 1993 has opened a master’s program (MT) and in 2001 opened a doctoral program (Dr). The three levels have been accredited by BAN PT with an A grade. The undergraduate level has been certified by AUN-QA (Asean University Network-Quality Assurance) and is currently in the process of international accreditation by IABEE (Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education) under the Washington Accord. Undergraduate students have also been registered as members of the student chapter of AICHE (American institute of chemical engineering) since 2017. During 2016-2017 students of the Chemical Engineering Department FTI-ITS. managed to become the first winners of the Chem-E-Car competition in 4 different countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and in 2017 became the first champion in Minneapolis America.

Graduates of the Chemical Engineering Department can work in government, BUMN or private companies. The scope of work includes manufacturing industry, food industry, chemical industry such as fertilizers, pesticides, dyes, paints, lubricants, oil and gas, and other special chemicals. They can also work in the field of industrial services, both as research staff and development services, including in the energy sector and in the development of biotechnology and nanotechnology. Besides that, they can also work in various manufacturing industries other than chemical manufacturing such as industries that produce electronics, photographic equipment, clothing, pulp and paper as well as aircraft development.

Department of Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS has 17 laboratories consisting of 11 research laboratories, 5 teaching laboratories and 1 service (analysis) laboratory for the public. The teaching staff at the Chemical Engineering Department consists of 10 professors (Professors), 24 Doctoral level staff and 5 Master level staff who are all graduates from various well-known universities both domestically and abroad.

Various collaborations in the academic and research fields have been and continue to be carried out with domestic and foreign universities as well as with industry to improve the quality of graduates of the Chemical Engineering Department FTI-ITS and update the development of science and technology as well as its application in the industrial world.

The Department of Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS continuously strives to make a real contribution to the progress and independence of the Indonesian nation towards a more prosperous and dignified Indonesia.

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Wassalamualaikum wrwb.

Head of Department of Chemical Engineering FTI-ITS

Dr. Eng. Widiyastuti, ST., MT