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Center for Chemical Engineering Education Based on Research and International Reputation

Chemical Engineering is a branch of engineering that involves the development and use of the process of making several materials that undergo physical or chemical changes on a large scale.

In the beginning the understanding of Chemical Engineering was emphasized in the processes of change that took place from raw material to a product which can be expressed in physical operations units and chemical operations units. The two units then become references in the Chemical Engineering curriculum. The several processes that can be expressed in operating units are the Process of Heat Transfer, Drying, Extraction, Absorption, Distillation and others. Whereas the process expressed in process units is an event in which materials can be transformed from one chemical form into another chemical form by the process of chemical reactions. In general, chemical engineering is a science / method that optimally designs and operates and safe a plant / process equipment to change raw materials through physical, chemical or biological transformation, into economic, social and environmentally friendly values.

In the chemical industry, raw materials will be converted into products or materials that have added value by changing the chemical composition of the material (reaction) and physical changes (mixing, purification, separation, change in size and others). To do this, chemical engineering graduates need to understand how the working principles of both small (laboratory) and large-scale (industrial) processes.

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