AIChE Talk: Building an International Career

Mon, 04 Nov 2019
9:19 am
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Thursday (10/17/2019), AIChE ITS SC (American Institute of Chemical Engineers ITS Student Chapter) held AIChE Talk: Building an International Career, which aims to improve the awareness and motivation of the students, especially in international scale. AIChE ITS SC invited Mr. Ryan Ramadhan, he is an alumnus of ITS Chemical Engineering Department who has been living in Netherland for 7 years.

He got accepted in ITS Chemical engineering department in 2009, but he went for double degree under-grad in The Hague University of Applied Science, Holland. Currently, he is Project Engineer for an American Soy Processing Company, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Europoort, The Netherlands.

In AIChE Talk, he shared his experience when he was in college. He told us about his turning point because he realized that if he just do the same things, no company will accept him in the future. He starts from changing his mindset, determine the purpose, think ahead and also set his goal. All of these things which make him be a success person as it is now. Mr. Ryan is a livingproof that everyone can change. It’s all based on your intention and determination within yourself. Nothing impossible.

The other thing that Mr. Ryan told about what every person should have. The aspect is communication skill and appreciate yourself. As a person, we have to master communication skill because everytime we have to deliver an information to other people. Mr. Ryan gives a picture about how many percent of information that the opponent can get when we use some type of communication whether is direct or indirect. The audience realize that by control the intonation and also gesture can boost the amount of information your opponent can get. Next, when we are in a stage of reaching our goal, we have to give ourself an appreciation. By doing this, you give yourself a value. Gratitude also can support this aspect. Start to be a grateful person which is start from the smallest aspect in our life.

As a person who has study abroad, he gave tips and tricks about the basic of communication.  “Mr. Ryan empowers the audience and embraces the will of every persons in the room, and not forgetting about the effort of all of the related board that  work on this event, resulting in flying colours.”, Mr. Hazairin said, one of the audience of AIChE Talk.

At the end of AIChE Talk, the core value that he wants us to do is start making your way for the future by looking for a small picture and moving forward to capture a bigger picture of our life in the future.

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