Research Sector

Research Sector

Strategic issues that form the basis and focus of research from the three laboratories contained in the Civil Infrastructure Engineering Department are applications in the field of Civil Engineering, among others in the field of civil infrastructure both structural, geotechnical, construction management, hydrology, transportation, and civil engineering informatics.

The development of technology year by year is increasingly sophisticated while natural disasters are increasingly frequent, so research in civil infrastructure applications is necessary for development that can assist in the prevention and control of natural disasters and technological improvements in the field of civil infrastructure. Therefore, mastering technology for civil infrastructure techniques is very important for the welfare and sovereignty of the nation.

1. Research on Material and Building Structure

    In-depth discussion of the material used in building the building structure   so that it finds a new method

2. Transportation and Geotechnical Research

    A research program that researches in the field of transportation and geotechnics, so that the results produced will be useful for any road, bridge, pier construction project or in special matters in the geotechnical field

3. Research in the Field of Hydrotechnics and Surveying

    Researching about matters related to hydrotechnics and surveying, a very important thing in the world of civil engineering to smooth all development methods