Students Association

Students Association



HMDS as a catalyst for dedicated ITS campus student contributions


1. Build awareness of DTIS students to achieve the integrity of the ITS Vocational Faculty HMDS

2. Creating a strong relationship between stakeholders to create optimal development

3. Realizing a professional climate in an organization that is able to encourage productivity

4. Optimizing the role and positive image of HMDS

Structure of HMDS - ITS

  1. The Chairperson of the Student Association was immediately coordinated with the D’vil Mania
  2. The Internal Deputy Chair plays a role in controlling the harmonization of associations and the activities therein which oversee the Department of INTERN, BED, ARSOD, EDWARD, and SRD
  3. External Deputy Chair plays a role in controlling all external activities of the association which oversees the Department of MEDFO, EXTERN, EMM, and BED
  4. The Deputy Chairperson of Staff Development plays a role in developing staff so that staff have upgrading skills while being staffed
  6. General Treasurer 1 and 2

Pledge HMDS - ITS

One Manyar Blood
Green Sanubari For Mother Earth
Make Contributions Become Dead Prices
Shake our fists
Combine Our Determination
Rise Up Unite in Brotherhood
See the Manyar Campus