Applied Engineering Technology Management and Maintenance of Civil Buildings (TRPPBS)

Applied Engineering Technology Management and Maintenance of Civil Buildings (TRPPBS)

The Applied Bachelor Program (S.Tr) has a minimum credit load of 144 credits and is taken within 4 (four) years. If the S-1 (Bachelor) program is an academic education program and is oriented towards scientific development and research, then the Applied Bachelor program is a vocational (applied) program that is more towards the application/application of scientific principles for practical purposes and with the main aim that graduates produced is ready to work.
In addition to academic and technical abilities, TRPPBS Applied Bachelor students will also be equipped with the ability to communicate effectively through oral and written media, as well as organizational skills and other soft skills, such as Foreign Language Ability; utilize Information Technology; Knowledge of Professional Ethics & Responsibilities; Personality of High Integrity; Technopreneur; Leadership and Teamwork. Graduates of the TRPPBS Applied Bachelor can also continue their studies to a higher level of education, for example, Masters (S2), Applied Masters (applied Masters), Doctoral (S3), and Applied Doctoral (S3).


The TRPPBS curriculum is designed to produce graduates with the competence to become planning engineers, implementers, supervisors, and maintenance of civil buildings such as roads, bridges, buildings, and docks. To be able to achieve these competencies, the student competency levels achieved are as follows:

  • Year 1: Ability to draw techniques, language, basic knowledge of science, religion, and nationalism.
  • Year 2: Ability to conduct surveying and testing of materials according to the adopted standards of SNI / international standards.
  • Year 3: Ability to calculate engineering civil building structures, budget plans and basic civil building designs.
  • Year 4: Knowledge of implementation methods, supervision, K3L, and civil building maintenance as well as ethics and legal aspects of construction projects.


This program will provide knowledge in various fields of construction, project control management, transportation and concentration of water structures.

The following are the subjects studied each semester in the applied undergraduate study program (Diploma Empat)

Syllabus TRPPBS