Physitrack & ITS Partnership Meeting, January 10, 2022

Mon, 10 Jan 2022
4:01 pm
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Physitrack is a company engaged in digital healthcare that provides a platform to monitor and direct patients to do home exercise for both rehabilitation and prevention. Physitrack has been used in various countries around the world and collaborates with universities, hospitals, doctors and governments to provide and monitor home exercise activities. The Physitrack app has been designed as a simple and user-friendly app because it is part of Apple’s Mobility Partner Program.

ITS is interested in conducting research related to the acceptance and effectiveness of using Physitrack as a digital telehealth platform that has just been introduced to users in Indonesia.


ITS has committed to do research, development and contribution to society in the field of healthcare technology through the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the iDIG Lab (Integrated Digital Design Laboratory).


The iDIG Lab focuses on producing rehabilitation equipment for patients who can use the financing scheme from BPJS, thus prioritizing affordability. The Department of Biomedical Engineering focuses on technology for healthcare in 4 (four) areas:

a. Intelligent Biomedical Instrumentation
b. Assistive Technology & Rehabilitation Engineering
c. Biomedical Imaging & Image Processing
d. Medical Informatics

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