Lab. Information System Management

Information Systems Management Laboratory (MSI)

The information system management laboratory was established in 2015 along with the establishment of 4 (four) other laboratories covered by the Information Systems Department, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. Before the establishment of the MSI lab and the other four labs, the Information Systems Department had three laboratories namely Information System Planning and Development (PPSI), Decision Support Systems (SPK) and e-business. These three predecessor labs were established in conjunction with the establishment of the ITS Information Systems department in 2001.

The MSI laboratory itself was formerly a PPSI Laboratory due to the development of research directions, this lab transformed the name into the MSI lab. This transformation is expected to be able to cover a variety of Information Systems expertise research ranging from strategic aspects, project management, improving business process performance with IS / IT support to IT performance evaluation in supporting the organization.

Research Roadmap

The MSI lab roadmap is prepared with the function as an umbrella for research conducted by lecturers and students of the MSI lab members. The MSI lab roadmap itself (Figure 2) emphasizes the optimization of the role of Information Technology in supporting business / organizations. Therefore, the MSI lab research roadmap starts from strategic, managerial and operational aspects.

Research design

The research design contains strategic issues that are the focus of MSI’s lab research which is a manifestation of the research roadmap. Strategic issues from MSI’s lab research in 2016 – 2025 are divided into:

  • IT as a Strategy tool
  • Application of E-Government (egov)
  • IT Project Management & Change
  • Information System Development
  • IT Process Maturity
  • IT Service Development
  • Quality Assurance of the IT Process
  • Management of IT Risk
  • IT Productivity Paradox, IT Business Value