Greeting from the Head of Department

Dr. Arfan Fahmi, SS., M.Pd


The ITS Development Studies is the a study program that manages the Undergraduate Development Studies Program (S1) and the implementation of MKWU (General Compulsory Courses) in all study programs at ITS. ITS Development Studies Study Program has its own uniqueness and advantages compared to Development Studies programs at other universities. The uniqueness lies in its comprehensive curriculum study materials, including the integration of natural resources (SDA) development study, human resources (HR) development, and management of development technology. These three aspects are important elements that are always involved in a development process. In addition, the advantages of the ITS Development Studies Study Program are integrating various important approaches in complete and sustainable development, namely management, technology, community, environment and local wisdom. Hopefully, the presence of the ITS Development Studies Study Program will be an answer to the need for development experts and a contribution to development in Indonesia.