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Development Studies

The ITS Development Studies Bachelor Program is a study program that creates a synergy of various important approaches to holistic and sustainable development. This requires an interdisciplinary approach that is able to synergize various development elements. This synergy includes resource management, technology and relevance to local wisdom and environmental considerations. The Development Studies Study Program is designed to equip students with the complexities of development.

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Global developments, as well as massive and very rapid growth in various fields, especially technology, have brought society and the world to new situations and challenges. Now the world is entering an era which in certain perspectives is called the Industrial Revolution 4.0 or later in the Japanese perspective as the Social Revolution 5.0, requiring all countries in the world to be able to adapt to these changes in order to survive and develop themselves. The international movement to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2030, according to the document Transforming our World: The 2030 demands 4 pillars of development; social, economic, environmental and legal, as well as holistic and sustainable development governance, require various interdisciplinary approaches that are able to synergize various elements in development. This then became the basis/background for the formation of the ITS Development Studies Department.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the Development Studies Department is to become a study program of superior quality and world class to support sustainable development.

The mission of the Development Studies Department:

  1. Develop education by always updating science, research and community service in the field of development studies consistently and continuously.
  2. Establish academic collaboration with overseas university partners who develop development study programs to improve scientific quality.
  3. Intensify networking with various parties interested in national development including government, private and community institutions.


The aim of the Development Studies Department is to produce quality graduates, with superior work ethic, noble character, who have the ability to:

  1. Producing graduates who have the ability to understand, analyze and apply theories and issues of human and societal development.
  2. Producing graduates who have the ability to plan and implement community empowerment (Community Development) and corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  3. Producing graduates who have the ability to assess the impact of globalization and development (Development Impact Assessment), and are able to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.
  4. Producing graduates who have the ability to develop a maritime-oriented development paradigm (Maritime-Based Development), as well as information
  5. technology capabilities that support national development.
    Producing quality graduates, with a superior work ethic and noble character.

Academic Guide

This academic guidebook was created with the aim of providing an overview of the academic conditions that need to be followed by students of the Development Studies Department, Faculty of Creative Design and Digital Business, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. With this guidebook, students can understand academic activities which are a summary of academic processes both regulatory and policy in nature. In this guide there is a profile of the Development Studies Department, curriculum, profiles of lecturers and education staff, as well as syllabi for courses.

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