Department History

Development in the complex era of the industrial revolution 4.0 requires better and comprehensive preparation and planning. Technological sophistication, as well as the availability of natural resources, do not guarantee the achievement of successful development. For this reason, human capital is needed as “humanware” through support by a conducive social ecosystem. Social capital is prepared through the provision of trained and educated human resources. Development and industry will only produce pseudo “welfare”, and even cause “destructive” social impacts if development policies focus more on the science and technology side (technoware), without a consideration of integrating the other two vital dimensions; human dimension (humanware) and social dimension (socioware).

ITS as a university based on technology and science, provides space for the development of “social engineering” with a “multi-disciplinary” approach through the Development Studies Undergraduate Program. This program is expected to produce a more comprehensive and optimal “intellectual output” in answering the nation’s problems. The ITS Development Studies Undergraduate Program is created as a form of elaboration and orientation on how a development must be managed in order to produce the welfare needed by people/citizens. The ITS Development Studies Undergraduate Program is expected to be the driving force, creativity and innovation that places science and technology in accordance with the interests of humanity and fulfills the need for sustainable development.

The Development Studies Study Program which was established on 18 January 2019 is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to answer complexities of development. The challenges of development and society in the future are no longer partial but a global community.

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