Career Prospects

Time to Work!

Don’t be confused, as a graduate of the ITS Business Statistics Department, you have the opportunity to make a career in government, corporate, and entrepreneurial institutions. The following are some examples of jobs as graduates of our department:

According to Wikipedia, the Consultant (alternative term: negotiator expert) is a professional person who provides consulting services in certain areas of expertise, such as accounting, tax, environment, biology, law, cooperatives and others. The difference between consultants and ordinary experts is that the consultant is not an employee of a client company, but someone who runs his own business or works in an entrepreneurial company, and deals with various users at once.

Research consultant services are careers that are needed by many parties, especially companies that want to launch new products. In the business world itself, market research is a very important stage to do in describing newly launched products and services that bring benefits or vice versa. So companies can find out if they succeed in meeting consumer desires or expectations or vice versa

According to Kudo, in general the definition of Quality Assurance (QA) includes monitoring, testing and checking all production processes involved in the production of a product. … Quality Assurance (QA) has the main duties and responsibilities related to the role of quality assurance

According to Wikipedia, Research and development or R & D (English: Research and Development, R and D, or R & D) are research and development activities, and have commercial interests in relation to pure scientific research, and applicative development in technology. This R & D or R & D plays an important role, and becomes an indicator of the progress of a country. For 2006, the three countries with the highest expenditure and R & D budget were the United States (US $ 330 billion), China (US $ 136 billion), and Japan (US $ 130 billion) [1].

R & D activities are usually carried out by a special unit, institution or center owned by a company, college, or state institution. In a business context, “research and development” usually refers to activities that are oriented to the future, and for the long term both in the field of science and in the field of technology. The method used in R & D activities usually uses standard scientific research techniques without expecting definite results (a form of pure scientific research) or to obtain forecast results that have commercial value in the near future. Pure forms of research (research) are usually produced by research institutions such as BATAN, LIPI, LAPAN, etc. While the form of development from practical research results can be carried out by BPPT and the R & D Center in each government department and company.

In Indonesia, data analysts are still a rare profession, and therefore very much needed. One typical task is to do visual analysis from various data sources and also to present the results visually as interesting knowledge. This becomes the science of enlivening with interactive visualization.

Is to become a professional in the field of design, collection, analysis and systematic reporting of data and all findings relevant to the particular marketing situation faced by the company

Quality control is a service in giving a picture to a company about the quality of its products before being marketed to consumers. So that the company can be helped in an effort to find out the feasibility of product quality based on predetermined control limits.

According to Geoffery G. Meredith, entrepreneurs are people who have the ability to see and assess business opportunities (business), gather various resources needed to take advantage of it and take appropriate action to ensure that he will succeed.

There are several ITS students who choose entrepreneurship to be their main and side careers. Among them were Annisa Sulistyorini, a student of Architecture and Galuh Ajeng, Prabeswari, a Statistics student with KINOKI totebag, Zahratul Firdaus, a Geomatics student with LEOLE snacks, Richardo with a WASHABI Laundry Shoe business, and others. They have proven that by choosing to become entrepreneurs, they are able to develop their business with the scientific support they have