Professional Study to PT. Kompindo Wiratama (Operations Management)

Thu, 26 Dec 2019
10:28 am
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The development of the industry in the era of globalization requires human resources to have high competitiveness and adequate competence. One of the means to improve human resource competency is quality education. The Ten November Institute of Technology as a science and technology-based university continues to try to contribute to the development of science and human resources for the welfare of the community through education, research and community service.

The Department of Business Statistics is one of the departments in the Vocational School of ITS that aims to develop statistics and its application in various fields, especially in the fields of industry, business, financial economics, social and environmental health. ITS Business Statistics has courses that can support these objectives, one of which is the Operations Management course.

The Operations Management course deals with the process of managing resources in a system so that they are combined and transformed into results that have added value according to the policies communicated by management. Operations Management studies ten decisions that are often made at the factory, namely product design, quality management, process and capacity design, location and facility layout, human resources, supply chain management, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance. Therefore, to achieve learning in Operations Management courses, one of the learning achievements used is to conduct field lectures.

Field lectures are lectures held by visiting a company to be able to compare theories that have been learned with applications that exist in a company. This opportunity, ITS Business Statistics students will conduct field studies at PT. Kompindo Wiratama to observe directly the application of Operations Management courses in the existing production process at PT. Kompindo Wiratama.


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