This is the Answer to PWK Final Level Students

Tue, 01 Jan 2019
10:26 am
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ITS Surabaya Campus, ITS News -In order to answer the anxiety of final year students about the future of the post-campus world, the ITS Regional and Urban Planning Department through the ITS Planology Student Association held a Road To Planner (RTP) event. With the theme Talk To Your Dreams, this activity gives debriefing to prospective PWK graduates or who are familiar with the term planner. Saturday (18/11).

Muhammad Ardy Karim, as the first speaker said that there are several factors that inhibit undergraduate graduates who are still unemployed, including jobs that do not fit our majors, the quality of graduates is low, and the absence of “wow factors” of each graduate. “It’s very unfortunate,” Ardy said, shaking his head starting the material.

To be able to be easily accepted in studying abroad or quickly looking for work, there are several factors that need to be considered. These factors are in English language skills, are good at negotiating, and focus on one area that is highly engaged. “Upgrade your english and try to practice speaking,” explained a member of the Model United Nation (MUN who has undergone a study exchange to Europe.

Furthermore, Karina Pradinie, the PWK department lecturer also told participants not to be afraid of going abroad even though the characteristics of the individuals faced were different. “Don’t be afraid to study abroad. They are very friendly towards Indonesians. And don’t forget to improve when you get your education there, “said the lecturer who had attended the excursion lecturer to Portugal.

Before leaving the country, Karin did not forget to remind students to recognize the country they were going to go to. “Get to know the population and the environment. The important thing is not to be afraid and be able to explore yourself, “said the hijab woman.

In addition to recognizing preparation for study abroad, participants were also invited to understand how to find scholarships and procedures for preparing documents when they wish to register. For this reason, the Preparation for Document Application material was presented by one of the ITS PWK department students who had been abroad repeatedly, namely Magfirah Bungas.

The Road To Planner program lasts for two days and will be written with a Toefl test activity held by the Regional and City Planning Department.

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