Career Prospects

Time to work !

Through good curriculum design and resource management, graduates are expected to have the ability and expertise to become planners and managers in the public sector, both government agencies, developers, consultants, research institutions, and community organizations. Students are given provisions through the purpose of education in the Urban and Regional Planning Department, which is to provide education that is efficient, innovative and sustainable. Some points as educational goals are:

a. Organizing education to produce graduates who have good competencies in the fields of Regional and City Planning, good soft skills, as well as ethics and morals.
b. Organizing education to produce graduates who can fulfill and create jobs in the field of Urban and Regional Planning, as well as graduates who can apply the mindset of Regional and City Planning in relevant professional fields.
c. Organizing education that can work with foreign universities.
d. Develop modeling in the area of ​​Regional and City Planning in accordance with the development of information technology and science.