BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program

Wed, 14 Jul 2021
12:09 pm
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BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program

The acceleration of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic requires various sectors of life, one of which is the financial and banking sector, to be fast and responsive in adapting to be able to provide services and meet the banking needs of people who depend on digitalization and automation optimally.

BNI, in an effort to improve the quality of banking services, also cooperates with the campus ecosystem by providing internship opportunities for the best students through BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program through BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program, students have the opportunity to harmonize knowledge, hone and deepen digital skills that have been obtained on campus with the needs of the banking industry, especially BNI

Check out information about facilities, learning curricula, to the interesting benefits of BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program in more detail through the following event!

Live Instagram @magangmerdeka – BNI Digi46 IT Thematic Internship Program with speakerĀ  :

(IT Digital Banking Group Head BNI)

Ewaldo Amaral
(Learning Development & Talent Management Manager – TiketDotCom)

Dr. M. Sofwan Effendi, M.Ed.
(Direktur Sumber Daya Ditjen Dikti Kemdikbud-Ristek)

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